WORK 2017

WORK (working title) is a new performance piece currently being researched. It is the end of the day and we are trying to do the right thing. 

It will premiere in November 2017 in Zurich. A largely choreographic piece involving some of the previous research from the short piece Hi, How Are You? it will attempt to deal with some of the following questions;

- how do people who are given no responsibility make decisions?

- If so much "work" is about organising "work", is the real work done elsewhere by other people?

- is it possible to do something good inside something that is broken?

A First Cut Productions coproduction with Gessnerallee  Zurich, Kaserne Basel, Theatre de Vidy Lausanne & Südpol Luzern

Mark Etchells, Nele Jahnke, Christophe Jaquet, Nora Vonder Mühll, Viviane Pavilion, & Marius Schaffter

Concept/ Direction: Phil Hayes, 
Dramaturg: Julia Hintermüller,
Musik: Phil Hayes and David Langhard
Video: Susanne Hofer/flimmern
Lighting Tina Bleuler/Electricgold 
Costume: Nic Tillein
Sound: Susanne Affolter
Coordination: Katharina Balzer
Production: Lukas Piccolin

All current tour dates for WORK are here. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion about tour­ing, avail­abil­ity, etc -  please con­tact Lise Leclerc at Tutu Pro­duc­tion