First Cut Productions

First Cut Productions is the label we have used for various projects since 2005. In 2010 it was registered as an Association (Verein) in Zurich, Switzerland. 

First Cut Productions currently receives three year project-funding from the city of Zurich.

Our work is represented for touring by Tutu Production in Geneva. 

Regular Collaborators include:
Phil Hayes: Direction, Performance
Lukas Piccolin: Production
Julia Hintermüller: Dramaturg
Susanne Hofer/Flimmern: Video
Tina Bleuler/Patrik Rimann Electric Gold: Lighting Design
Susanne Affolter: Sound

Other Collaborators include:

Simone Aughterlony: Artistic Advisor
Anita Affentranger: Photography
Katharina Balzer: Communication & Tour Coordinator
Marcel Blatti: Music
Alain Borek: Performer
Ursula Degen: Lighting Design
Adrian Elsener: Graphic Design
Mark Etchells: Performer
Nada Gambier: Performer
Luc Georgi: Photography
Christian Gibbs: Performer/Musician
Ewelina Guzik: Performer
Dominic Huber/blendwerk: Stage Design
Nele Jahnke: Performer
Christophe Jaquet: Concept/Musician/Performer
Maria Jerez: Performer
Thomas Kasebacher: Performer
David Langhard: Musician/Producer
Lise Leclerc: Diffusion/Touring
Olifr Maurmann: Musician
Sarah Palin: Musician/Performer
Viviane Pavillon: Performer
Thomas Peter: Music/Sound
Gregory Putnam: Sports Advisor
Janina Offner: Interviews and Coordination
Chahida Rezgueni: Production Assistant 
Patrik Riman/Electric Gold: Lighting Design
Marius Schaftter: Performer
Niklaus Spoerri: Photography
Nic Tillein: Stage Design /Costume
Nadine Tobler: Production Assistant
Herwig Ursin: Performer
Nora Vonder Mühll: Performer
Nina Wagner: Stage Assistant

  • photo: Anita Affentranger
    photo: Anita Affentranger
    photo: Anita Affentranger
  • photo: Adrian Elsener
    image/photo: Adrian Elsener