Deception 2022/23

Phil Hayes and Jen Rosenblit flirt with illusion on the trail of Grifters, Hustlers and Tricksters.
It feels like a film set, but we know it‘s a stage.
They are not partners, involved just enough to play the game, they are both along for the ride.
A Payphone.
People passing through.
Sunkissed and faded, a chance to begin again. 

Promises and myths are for hustlers too.
Not so busy with who they are, but more the way they hold themselves together when they pause, leave or arrive. DECEPTION appears as mounting evidence as to who these characters want us to think they are.
So try to hold on to your wallets, wits and lovers around these two charmers.
Like stealing candy from a baby…

Premiere 19. January 2024 Gessnerallee, Zurich
A First Cut Productions co-production with Gessnerallee Zurich in association with Kaserne Basel and The Chocolate Factory New York.

Supported by:
Stadt Zürich Kul­tur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, pro helvetia and the Ernst Göh­ner Stiftung. 

  • © Argenis Apolinario
    © Argenis Apolinario
  • © Argenis Apolinario
    © Argenis Apolinario