Heavy Hitters 2020

Phil Hayes returns once more to the intimate setting of the Gessnerallee Südbühne in 2020, this time reuniting with his old Forced Entertainment sparring partner John Rowley. 

Phil and John will together sway and stagger back to the starting point of the impossible duet they created for Wenn liebe nicht mehr das ist, was sie war, an evening inspired by Shakespeare's sonnets, created in 2015 at the Gessnerallee for the Zürcher Festspiele. 

Visceral, musical and quietly disturbing.. Phil and John got lost exploring the tragic, heroic failure of singing (your way out) of the pain...

Expanding on this tragic sense of heroic shame, John and Phil will lock themselves up in the Südbühne for a further three weeks, coming up for air with three performances. This absurd double-act will push on further to explore the concept of persistence, the idea of keep getting back up and trying again, of stamina against all odds … asking when is the time for an aging (artist) body to finally quit? 

An expense of emotional energy
weak knees
a waste of shame
lust in action
lost in action 
love action

A First Cut Productions coproduction with Gessnerallee Zurich.

 Performances 6., 7., 8. March 2020

Concept, Music; Phil Hayes
Performance; Phil Hayes, John Rowley
Dramaturg; Julia Hintermüller
Licht, Technik; Patrik Rimann
Diffusion; Lise Leclerc - Tutu Production
Prouktionsleitung; Lukas Piccolin