Under The Influence I 2018

UTI I, a  collaboration with Spanish performance-maker and artist Maria Jerez,
asks us how we feel about acting. 

In 2018, Phil Hayes created and presented three small-scale residency based performance projects in the Südbühne of the Gessnerallee. Each time Phil worked in residence for three weeks and then showing the work with two performances.
The series of works reflect on Phil’s history of collaborative creation with regard to the ideas of influence and encounters.
Anything can happen.

An invitation to a strange meeting/event. Informal stories that start as description but lead to action, that start as words and become embodiment in the space. A lesson in acting, in being real and authentic. Tablecloths, snacks, fake blood and Paris. 

  • Concept/Direction:  Phil Hayes
  • Performance:  Phil Hayes, Maria Jerez
  • Dramaturg/ Outside Eye:  Julia Hinterm├╝ller
  • Lights/ Technical Support:  Patrik Rimann
  • Diffusion :  Lise Leclerc/ Tutu Production
  • Production:  Lukas Piccolin

A First Cut Productions coproduction with Gessnerallee Zurich
Supported by Stadt Zürich Kul­tur, Ernst Göhner Stiftung and Naves Matadero, Madrid

Performances 14. - 15. April 2018

  • Videostill - Susanne Hofer
    Videostill - Susanne Hofer