Where Were We 2008

A man and a woman attempt through mental reconstruction to revisit places where things have happened to them. Through a process of description they try to remember and reconstruct events out of their pasts. English, Polish, a car park, a furniture store, Brief Encounter, The Chairmen of the Board and a variety of hotel rooms.

  • Premiere:  November 20, 2008. Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zurich
  • Concept, Performance:  Phil Hayes
  • Performance:  Ewelina Guzik
  • Artistic Advisor:  Simone Aughterlony
  • Dramaturgy:  Julia Hintermüller
  • Video:  Susanne Hofer/flimmern
  • Music:  Thomas Peter
  • Lighting:  Tina Bleuler
  • Production:  Lukas Piccolin
  • Photographs:  Anita Affentranger / Niklaus Spoerri

A Phil Hayes /First Cut Production
with Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich,
Theater Roxy Birsfelden
and Migros Kulturprozent

In a book that I once read, a young woman asks her lover to never forget the special day that they spent together and the place that they were together in. She asks him to promise that he will never forget this day and place. He promises that he will always remember and that no, he will not forget. But he forgets. He can remember the place quite clearly, down to the last detail but he can't seem to really remember her on this day. And he can't remember the important thing about that day, the thing that he promised never to forget. He can't remember what they did. He always thought this distance or lack of clarity might help him to really understand what happened to them, but he can't remember the main thing, the important thing...

WHERE WERE WE started as a kind of detective story. They are going back to try and find that missing thing, In the course of examining the details the whole event reemerges around them and they discover something new, something that they even then didn't realise or notice. When two events from different times in the past remerge and coexist in a given space something totally new emerges.

  • photo: Niklaus Spoerri
    photo: Niklaus Spoerri
    photo: Anita Affentranger
  • photo: Niklaus Spoerri
    photo: Niklaus Spoerri
    photo: Niklaus Spoerri